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Pigs Around Town

By: Katie Payer Published: July 7th, 2014

2014_Bank_PigsAroundTown_002Want a fun way to earn money for your savings account while also getting fun prizes along the way?  Then join us in our Pigs Around Town summer-long scavenger hunt!

Fifteen large pig cutouts will be found at various locations throughout Green Valley Ranch and Montbello; all you need to do is take a picture with them.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, take a selfie with any pig you find. These pigs could be found anywhere, so be sure to check libraries, rec centers, and restaurants.
  2. Once you take the picture just post the photo to any social media with the tag #PigsAroundTown.
  3. After that, bring your photo to Young Americans bank and get your $5.00 and a prize. If you take a picture with each of the 15 unique pig cutouts, you can earn up to $75.00 towards your account.

    Be on the lookout for Pig Around Town like these!

    Be on the lookout for Pig Around Town like these!

Take a look at the images in this post – they are some of the unique pigs you’ll find on your hunt.

Below is the address of the Green Valley Ranch location, so be sure to head there with all of your great pictures. All participants must be under the age of 22 and you will only receive the $5.00 if you open or already have an account with Young Americans Bank.

Be sure to look for the Pigs Around Town and we can’t wait to see all of your pictures!


Young Americans Bank Far Northeast Denver Branch: 4800 Telluride Street, Z Place (Building #5), Denver, CO

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8 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    How long will this be going on – or when is the last date the pigs will be out?

  2. Doris D says:

    My sister & I just completed the hunt with our grandchildren! I opened accounts for my grands when they were infants. They are now 8 & 4(twins)! Thank you for creating this family financial opportunity! P.S. We are sharing & passing out the flyers!

  3. Monique says:

    What information is needed to open the account?

    • Katie Payer says:

      To open an account at our Far Northeast Branch, young people need to bring a photo I.D. We will also need a parent signature on a form available at the branch. We provide everything else!

  4. RH Kranz says:

    Great idea. Always looking to encourage our grand kids to save money. We gave each of them a “401g” acct … any increase in savings at year’s end (last year’s bank balance vs. this year’s) is matched by Gramma — the G in 401g.

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