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Need Help? Small Business Resources (Part 2)

By: Ellory Eggermont Published: July 29th, 2013
Here is another batch of great tools and resources for startup businesses.

Here is another batch of great tools and resources for startup businesses.

A few months ago we gave you a list of tools and resources to help you get your business streamlined.  That was a very popular post and one we’ve referenced frequently for our budding business owners.  Here to help is another list of additional resources.  Think of this as “Stage 2″ resources, because we know that your business has grown since our initial post.

As before, Young Americans doesn’t recommend any specific tool, but we’ve compiled a list of helpful tools that many other young entrepreneurs use.  Let us know which ones you like in the comments section below.  Tell us if we missed a great one and we’ll add it to the list.


Email Marketing

Your customer base is growing.  Nice work!  How do you let your customers know you’ve got a new product?  Use one of these email marketing services.

Online Surveys

What colors of your product do your customers want for the holidays?  Ask them to take a survey.  These services are free up to a certain number of questions in the survey.

Online File Storage and Sharing

If you start to gather a lot of photos or videos of your products and business, you’ll want to store them somewhere you can access them easily.  Check out any of these options, which offer cloud storage, so you can access your files anywhere.  All of these start off free, then charge a fee once you get to larger amounts of storage.

To Do Lists

Evernote lets you sync your to-do lists and notes across all your devices.

Evernote lets you sync your to-do lists and notes across all your devices.

Order the next batch of materials.  Send off the shipment to California.  Update the website with new product photos.  Wasn’t there something else you needed to do?

Keep track of all your business tasks with these great helpers (all free).  You can even share these project lists with your business partners or parents, so they’ll know what you have going on.

Additional Business Services

Running a business involves lots of moving parts.  Luckily there is a wealth of online services for small business needs, many of them free or very cheap.

  • AppIt - Go mobile by building an app for your business
  • VistaPrint – Get 250 FREE business cards that you can easily design yourself
  • 99 Designs – Have expert designers bid to create your logo for you (can be very cheap)
  • Elance – Another service where designers bid to do your projects, but they can do all types of video and marketing creation for you

Learn More

Looking to expand your product line?  Don’t know what that business term is that you just heard?  These websites offer great videos and step-by-step guides to learn something new.  All of them are free and a great resource.

What are your favorite websites to help your business?   Tell us below!

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