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By: Katie Payer Published: December 15th, 2014


What a phenomenal year this was for our youth business owners.  The community shoppers didn’t do too badly either!

With more than 150 businesses participating in two weekends of Marketplaces, December at Young Americans started of strong.  This year’s batch of products were high quality and incredibly diverse.  Shoppers could choose from lego ornaments, cake pops, melted crayon paintings, recorded harp CDs, doll clothing, greeting cards, tote bags, hot chocolate, and jewelry.  Products sold for anywhere from $0.50 to $35, and the shoppers came in droves to check everyone of their lists.

The 81 businesses at the Denver Marketplace brought in a total of $12,175.92!

The 48 businesses showcasing at Belmar earned a grand total of $6,077.00!

Jordan's Sweet Treats

Jordan’s Sweet Treats

Thank you to every shopper who came out to support the budding business owners.  And congratulations to the young entrepreneurs on a successful Marketplace and lots of profit to spend on their own holiday shopping (and hopefully invest back in their businesses).

Pretty 'n' Posh

Pretty ‘n’ Posh

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