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How To Be an Amazing Teenager

By: Katie Payer Published: February 7th, 2013
Channel 7 News Anchor Christina Chang interviews Ayanna Shambe and Rich Martinez.

Channel 7 News Anchor Christina Chang interviews Ayanna Shambe and Rich Martinez.

Meet a Youth Advisory Board member

Our Youth Advisory Board plays an important role in representing our customer base, brainstorming program ideas, and providing feedback on all sorts of things.  This group of 12-15 young people is exceptional, representing the Colorado community with a wide array of life experiences and interests.  They participate in debate, various sports, create their own companies and non-profits, speak and host prestigious events, meet Colorado political and business leaders, and maintain strong grades and apply to top-tier colleges.

Who exactly are these stellar teens?  We can introduce you!

Meet on board member: Ayanna Shambe.  Ayanna is a sophomore at Legend High School and is a proud member of the Youth Advisory Board.  She is a Parker native and has had a checking account at Young Americans Bank since 2002.  She also participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace running a business called Hot Swirls.

Offering great advice from experience

Here’s what Ayanna has to say about her experience with Young Americans:

“Young Americans has taught me to budget wisely. So instead of spending everything I have, I look at what needs to be done versus what is more of a want, and spend accordingly.”

Ayanna was recently on Channel 7 News to talk about what Young Americans does and how she budgets her money.  Her biggest piece of advice?  Set aside something little every time you get income.  Your savings really add up.

Watch Ayanna’s media debut here:

Do you want to join the Youth Advisory Board and work with amazing youth like Ayanna?  Applications for the 2013-2014 Youth Advisory Board are now available.  You can get more information and download one here.

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