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By: Chelsea Ellison Published: September 16th, 2013
How will you be philanthropic this month?

How will you be philanthropic this month?

Every month we dive into a financial concept to help our customers understand more about money.  During September, we’re looking at philanthropy.  What does it mean to give?  How do you plan your giving?  Get started here with these activities, and then come visit us in Young Americans Bank for more help, feedback, and tips.

Time, Talent, Treasure

At Young Americans, we recognize that people can give in a variety of ways.  We break these down into:

  • Time – volunteering your free hours to help others or support a cause
  • Treasure – donating your money to an organization or cause
  • Talent – offering your services to support others, like teaching a painting class at a homeless shelter if you are really great at art

You can find out more about “Time, Talent, Treasure” by checking out this worksheet.

How do I plan my giving?

Everyone needs to decide on their own how much to give – time, talent, AND treasure.  The other fun part of philanthropy is choosing WHERE to give.  How do you choose wisely?  Start by reading through this guide on choose a philanthropy.  Then come talk with us at Young Americans Bank. We can offer some great suggestions!

It’s important to set goals and make plans for your giving.  Otherwise, it’s easy to lose track or forget.  We have created a simple goal sheet you can download here that lets you put your giving plans in writing.  Tell us below – what cause or organization do YOU plan to support?

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