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As the Program Design Coordinator, I craft and deliver unique money skills classes and programs to students, parents, and teachers throughout Denver.

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    Sara Says: Save for the Holidays Now

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: October 13th, 2014

    My parents had a love-hate relationship with the holidays when I was growing up.  I couldn’t understand why they would be stressed about that magical time of year.  After all, what’s not to love about snow, hot chocolate, and presents?… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Your Child Should Keep a Spending Journal

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: September 8th, 2014

    Economists tend to think of people as rational and unemotional when dealing with money. As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to tell your child “no”. That can be emotional for you and your child, can’t it?… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Budget for School Supplies

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: August 18th, 2014

    If you’ve been shopping lately, then you have probably seen the ubiquitous back-to-school ads: a subtle reminder that summer is winding down. Despite stores’ best efforts to help us save money, the costs of school supplies and clothing really add up… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Spend, Save, and Share

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: July 17th, 2014

    If you’ve ever seen a budget, you know all those categories can be intimidating to some people, especially children. On the other hand, you probably know how important they are to financial health. As a parent, you try to instill… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Values Matter – Especially Around Money

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: June 19th, 2014

    Ask a high school student what they want their life to look like in twenty years and what response do you get? Probably a blank stare and “uhhh…” Teaching teens about values and how to live a life that aligns… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Set SMART Goals

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: May 26th, 2014

    Hockey and soccer goals are great. Savings goals, however, are the best.  Buying a new laptop, car, or house feels great, especially when you’ve scrimped and saved to make that purchase happen. This feeling of pride and satisfaction is something… Read the rest

    Making $ense of Money

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: May 1st, 2014
    Participants check out house options they can afford.

    Have you ever wondered what your 5th or 6th grader might do when they get a job and start paying for all the necessities in life? Look no further than the Money$ense Saturday event we hosted on April 19th. Though the… Read the rest