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As the Program Design Coordinator, I craft and deliver unique money skills classes and programs to students, parents, and teachers throughout Denver.

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    Sara Says: Spend, Save, and Share

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: July 17th, 2014

    If you’ve ever seen a budget, you know all those categories can be intimidating to some people, especially children. On the other hand, you probably know how important they are to financial health. As a parent, you try to instill… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Values Matter – Especially Around Money

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: June 19th, 2014

    Ask a high school student what they want their life to look like in twenty years and what response do you get? Probably a blank stare and “uhhh…” Teaching teens about values and how to live a life that aligns… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Set SMART Goals

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: May 26th, 2014

    Hockey and soccer goals are great. Savings goals, however, are the best.  Buying a new laptop, car, or house feels great, especially when you’ve scrimped and saved to make that purchase happen. This feeling of pride and satisfaction is something… Read the rest

    Making $ense of Money

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: May 1st, 2014
    Participants check out house options they can afford.

    Have you ever wondered what your 5th or 6th grader might do when they get a job and start paying for all the necessities in life? Look no further than the Money$ense Saturday event we hosted on April 19th. Though the… Read the rest

    Sara Says: Put These Books on Your Summer Reading List

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: April 7th, 2014

    Help your elementary student combat “summer unlearning” by stocking the bookshelves with some great books that have a financial theme. Regardless of your child’s interests, he or she will almost definitely enjoy these titles. Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies by… Read the rest

    Sara Says: You Can Teach ALL Kids Great Money Habits (Even If Yours Aren’t)

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: March 13th, 2014

    I’m going to start with a disclaimer on this one: Personal finances are personal! Moral and legal principles prevent me from giving you specific financial advice. I can, however, refer you to a financial planner if you’re interested. Now that… Read the rest

    Get Your Girl Scout Cookies!

    By: Sara Sankovich Published: February 27th, 2014
    Girl Scouts of all ages can take free entrepreneurial classes to assist with cookie sales.

    Now that Cookie Season is almost over, what is your troop going to do with all their free time and (more importantly) their cookie money? While Young Americans Center won’t tell girls what to spend their money on, we can… Read the rest