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As the Young Entrepreneur Program Coordinator, I support and educate youth with businesses, and encourage those exploring the concept of entrepreneurship for the first time.

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    Acronym (and Business) Help

    By: Maura McInerney Published: May 19th, 2014
    Apply to our youth business competition and you could win $1,000 - like Sweet Bee Sisters did in 2013!

    CYE?  SWOT?  What? At Young Americans, we love our acronyms, but we know that they’re not as clear to everyone.  We’re here to offer entrepreneurship help, especially with all our acronyms. CYE CYE is our Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs, our… Read the rest

    Spring Selling

    By: Maura McInerney Published: May 8th, 2014

    Young Americans hosted another fun and busy Marketplace last weekend.  The sun was shining and shoppers were greeted outside by cool refreshments offered by Kallander Sno Konettes and Ahhhs 2j’s Lemonade. Shoppers continued inside to scope out the other 55… Read the rest

    Pitch-ing Perfect

    By: Maura McInerney Published: April 10th, 2014
    Monster Eye Designs pitching.

    We were thrilled to host some very promising young entrepreneurs at Young Americans last week. Students from DSST Stapleton and DSST Green Valley Ranch have been participating in a Startup Colorado entrepreneur class over the past two months. The culmination… Read the rest

    Strategies for Success

    By: Maura McInerney Published: April 3rd, 2014
    Come support these business owners May 3.

    Young Americans hosted new and veteran business owners attend and contribute to “Success Strategies for Marketplace Class” on Saturday, March 22.  During the first hour of class, the group discussed customer service, promotion, pricing, competition, and day of operations.  Businesses… Read the rest

    Entrepreneur Success: Sweet Bee Sisters

    By: Maura McInerney Published: March 10th, 2014
    The Sweet Bee Sisters show off their check as finalists in 2012.

    Last September, we recognized many different entrepreneurs and businesses for their amazing work and business acumen.  Lily, Sophie, and Chloe Warren of Sweet Bee Sisters have been running their business for several years.  They create fantastic lip balm and lotions… Read the rest

    Tinker Tailor

    By: Maura McInerney Published: March 6th, 2014
    Team work made for great end results.

    We partnered up with Mindspark again! This time we added circuits and led lights to plush robots to light up their hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day. Executive Director Maia Stone, and instructor Ally Seely came and spent their… Read the rest

    Taking Business to the Next Level

    By: Maura McInerney Published: January 22nd, 2014

    Wrapping things up Another successful partnership between Young Americans and the gSchool has wrapped up.  The teams (young entrepreneurs and gSchool students) met up three times before the demo day to brainstorm, build, and refine the functions of their unique… Read the rest